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April 2005 Heart@Work Business Development Group Volume 1 Issue 2
“Inspiring you to reach your fullest potential in your business.”

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Marketing Magic
Attracting Perfect Customers
CRM ideas
When is your ship coming in?

Marketing Magic
Dr. Bette Daoust, Ph.D

Dr. Bette Daoust says, Marketing has several aspects to it, the five core points are:
1. Positioning yourself
2. Packaging
3. Promotions
4. Persuading
5. Performance
All these lead into each other. Marketing even extends into the area of selling, measuring and determining customer’s responses. The first step is to define your business solution. Find your focus in what you are offering.

If you don’t understand what you are trying to sell, either in product or services it’s really difficult for customers to determine what they are trying to buy from you. Don’t try to sell to everyone, like “I sell silverware but I also carry computer hardware etc.” Who hasn’t met the consultant that knows everything? Once you know your core service then you will know who your ideal customer is.

Bette is an author of many books – her publishing company is Blueprint Books. The next title is Best Networking Practices – 150 ways to Network Yourself. It will be available this summer of 2005.

Attracting Perfect Customers
Stacy Hall & Jan Brogniez

“We are more attractive when we say YES to opportunities that come our way.”

I love this book, instead of looking for perfect customer, you can easily attract your perfect customers. This book is a must-read and must-do book. The book guides you in developing a Strategic Attraction Plan. I know when I first heard about it, I said, oh I will get it soon. I finally put my money down and ordered the book. It’s a WOW, it’s the way I prefer to do business, and yet so many people are stuck in the old way of working competitively, rather than co-operatively and with collaboration. That’s a lot of struggling, and who wants to struggle in getting sales?

I am re-reading the book. You have the Power to Attract Whatever you Desire. Chapter 2. “If you can envision it, you can manifest it. It’s that simple.”

When you believe in yourself, the actions that follow will be completely different from those in the past. You will share information that you never considered sharing before. You will be likely to ask questions that you never thought to ask before. You will allow yourself the freedom to not to know all the answers. You may even find that you don’t have to work as hard.

I highly recommend that you read it. If you are interested in meeting other people and working in collaboration, please give Mari-Lyn a call. We can form a Mastermind group. The girls do have a daily attraction email. If you would like to receive it let me know.

Did you know…in 2000, when Heart@Work was first speaking and marketing Kindness as a strategy in your business it was challenging. I was called a Polly-Anna – I said to that guy that called me that “Boy, it’s guys like you that keep me going. You are proof that we need kindness.” to “Get a life” to “Package it up and make it expensive then maybe I will buy it.” I bet you that while some people paid attention are winning greatly and the others well… I wonder if they would be willing to share their stories.

Now, Kindness has made it around the block a few times and is considered “The Killer App for CRM” It just took a while, but hey I am glad someone is listening. CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. If you aren’t too shy to ask for help, Mari-Lyn is still available to help you with CRM. Not only will it help you for CRM but also ERM.

If you have a story about Kindness in Business, please forward it on and we will post it in our newsletter.

Workshops coming up are:
• Developing your Corporate Image – The do’s and don’ts before, during and after you employ a designer or printer.
• How do your marketing materials relate to your business? Do your marketing materials relate at all?
• Home-based Business Blues – Do you feel like you are working in a vacuum? A brain storming session on how to beat the feelings of isolation and be productive!!
• So, you want to be an Entrepreneur, are you sure? Exploring reality on both sides of the fence, workbook included.
• Do know where your Sales are coming from? Come learn how to develop a sales plan.
• Power Marketing your Business. An e-mail class in developing relationships for a referral business. Workbook included
• “Attraction Factor” A Mastermind Group will meet locally and is available via email


When is Your Ship Coming in?
Raphael Cushnir

What is it that you really want? Raphael says “When we are really ready to claim what we really want, we can jump start our dreams.” Here are the steps to start what is stopping us.
1. Find the flinch – identify an important action you haven’t taken. This could be making calls, doing research or just setting your foot into your home office.. What’ crucial is that you recognize the moment when you check out from your dream, project or whatever.
2. Go for the jugular – if there wasn’t anything challenging for you to feel, you’d have no need to check out. Ask yourself what’ the worst thing that could happen if I went forward in this goal or moment? Rather than think about an answer let the answers come to you. Once you have discovered the worst-case scenario, ask, If this happened, what’s the most awful feeling, I’d have to endure? It may be fear, failure, loss, guilt rejection, rage, hurt, or something uniquely yours. You know you’re on the right track when your original flinch deepens, when you want to head for the hills.
3. Weather the storm – Think about what you feel, this takes real courage, but the only alternative is an unfulfilled dream. So imagine that the worst has come to pass how are you feeling now? Let your awareness remain without attempting to do anything about it, allow everything to change just like the weather.
4. Repeat as necessary – The emotion you thought was intolerable actually isn’t and that means it can no longer deter you dream. You’ll be able to stop procrastinating, work longer and harder, uplifted by an exhilarating flow. You may have to repeat these steps whenever you find yourself yearning to escape, the process will be easier and quicker each time.

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