Tuesday, August 02, 2005


Heart@Work is once again sponsoring the “Heart on the line Awards” the winners will be announced on November 13, 2005 (World Kindness Day). If you know of any one in business that you feel deserves a Kindness Award, please email your nomination to: kindnessinc@myway.com

Your nomination should include why they deserve an award, include the nominees’ and your contact information. (if anyone has a fax that they would let us use, please let me know)

The deadline for the nominations will be: November 1, 2005. Thank you.

The past Recipients have been:
In 2001 - Telus, The Distress Line, The Arts Group David Alpin & Associates, Circle K the youth Kiwanis.
In 2002 – Uniglobe GEO Travel, Bioware, Yotta Yotta, EPCOR, Grower Direct, Signature Printing, Ardrossan Elementary Environment Club, Robert Petit of Montreal, Tracey Burkitt, UofA Nurses of Dialysis, Barbara & David Wilson, John Riley, Wendy Enders
In 2003 – Taylor Financial, QuikCard, ORMED, Suicide Prevention in Red Deer, Intiut (Intuit would not accept receiving the award because, they never heard of it before?) strange.


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