Monday, September 26, 2005

Marketing Idea:

Tag line. What is yours? Do you have one?
Something new, we are having a contest on who can come up with the best Tag Line.
It can be funny, something that rhymes, something that describes what you do easily, something that people can get what you do quickly.

By next week send in your tag by Monday, and I put it in the next ezine for us to judge as the winner. The prize is a gift certificate for a career planning session, a $100.00 value.

Heart on the line Awards

It is once again that time of year where Heart@Work is sponsoring the Heart on the line Awards. They will be given out on November 13, to celebrate World Kindness day, to acknowledge and appreciate those that inspire us in some kind way.

Requesting that you think about who inspires you in some kind way, whether they are a friend, a colleague or a fellow business owner. This is all perfect, is there someone you would like to nominate for 2005?

I have enclosed the past winners and a nomination form. Please take the time to participate in these awards, they are meant to appreciate the people that do make a difference in a positive way in our world. Everyone makes a difference as it is a ripple effect. So let’s get on with it.

Winners for 2001
Workplace: Telus
Community: The Distress Line
CSR: The Arts Group, David Alpin & Associates
Youth group: Circle K – a Kiwanis group

Winners for 2002
Workplace: UniglobeGEO Travel
Yotta Yotta
CSR: EPCOR, Signature Printing, Grower Direct,
ArdrossanElementary Environmental Club

Individuals: Robert Petit, Emergency Services – Montreal, Quebec
Tracey Burkitt – UniglobeGEO Travel
Barbara & David Wilson – apartment managers
Wendy Enders – Youth services
John Riley of Intercoast Sales Agency Inc.
Community: U of A Nurses of Dialysis

Winners for 2003/2004
Workplace: Intuit
CSR: Quik Card
Taylor Financial
Community: Suicide Prevention, Red Deer

Winners for 2005 ?

Nomination form for the Heart-on-the-line Awards, deadline is October 30, 2005 midnight.

Nominees contact information:

Name Company

Tel: E-mail:


__________ Colleagues of a workplace _________ A company best place to work

__________ A company who supports the local community

Why you are nominating them:




Nominator contact information:

Name Company

Tel: E-mail:

Please E-mail to: or snail mail to: Heart@Work
302, 10015-85th Avenue, Edmonton, AB T6E2J9.

Call for Submissions for stories that you would like to share, where you have experienced a kind deed, or generous offer during a challenging or difficult time at work. Please send your stories to the above address. The deadline is December 31, 2005.

The stories selected will be published in 2006. You will be notified. Please include your contact information, so that we may be in-touch with you.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005





Wednesday, September 07, 2005

If You Were to Brand Kindness...

How would you?

There seems to be some confusion of what Kindness is and what it is not.

Kindness in the workplace looks like?

Kindness to strangers in need, looks like? Say for example for the Katrina survivors?

Kindness to your customers? What would this look like?

Kindness to the kids at school or at home or?

My friend Perry says "It's like having the fuzzies at work."

Unitl you activate Kindness in your life, you won't recieve any benefit from it.

Use it generously, as it sticks us together. It's all about your relationships.

Please post your comments about the questions I have posted.

Thanks for participating.


Marketing Tip Volume 2 #7

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