Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Marketing tip #24

Start a Blog. Why would you consider this? If you don’t have a website like myself, you can post your newsletters on it, write, promote your business, add links, start being an expert in your field. It’s Free and easy to publish. It is also used as a place where people can get more information about what you do.

Start a blog at

Marketing Tip #23

Marketing Idea:

Write Thank you cards to your mentors, referral partners, your customers, or to people that support you past or present along the journey.
How are your customers finding you? Are they lost? They are looking for you and don’t know where you are!

Ask about how they can find you.

Here's the url for the Rendezvous Pub

Edmonton's Rendezvous Pub (10108 149 St) is looking for classic rock, country, blues and original roots music, for Friday night's "Do Your Own Gig". If you're a local band or know of one that wants a gig, visit us at

We have a full sound system (speakers, monitors, mics, sound board) and lights. You charge the cover, we do the promotion. You can also sell CDs and if you have a website, we'll link to it!
Heart@Work is once again sponsoring the “Heart on the line Awards” Please email your nominations to: or fax: 780-439-0521 or
snail mail to: 302, 10015-85th Avenue, Edmonton, AB T6E 2J9
Visit: www.heartatworkbusinessdevelopment.blogspot

Monday, October 10, 2005

Choosing Prosperity

A fun game to play and learn to let go of your brakes to prosperity.