Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Book Reviews

Have you read Tom Sanders Love is the Killer App yet?

It's a must read, I listened to his book on a CD and wrote about 6 pages of ideas down. I got so excited that I was buzzing for a week. The FUZZIES are back!

Tom talks about Evangelizing your business, you must add value to it and everyone else around you. Be a Love Cat!

How do people FEEL in your presence? Biz loves gets all the attention. We are starved for attention yet, advertisers hit us up 27x times before we pay attention. That's because we are starved for personal attention.

Show Compassion - how much do you care? Consider listening more, feeling more, caring more. Lead your knowledge and network.

Biz Love is: Love Cat Success
Be an outstanding brand as a person. Be Powerful!
Be liked and trusted
Differentiation is a premium value
Compassion is memorable and productive

There is alot more in the book. Visit

Tom Peters quoted this in Re-imagine, is another read.

The Seven Lively Smarts
Diversity isn't just a good idea, it's a definitely attributes to the human spirit. Harvard Profession Howard Gardner has developed the concept of MI or Multiple Intelligences. There are 7 formal measurable varieties of intelligences.
1. Logical - math
2. Linguistic
3. Spatial
4. Musical
5. Kinethetic
6. Interpersonal
7. Intrapersonal
each variety has an unique value in terms of framing the world. The problem with educational efforts and hiring companies only focusing on logical-math is perhaps with linguistic- math and emotional education sneaking in the side door, thus we end up discarding 5 out of the 7 varieties. The result is: Multiple Stupidities!


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