Tuesday, November 01, 2005

It's all about who knows you!

This topic came about as my very good friend Bette Daoust Ph.D. Dr. Know she is going by now, owner of BluePrintBooks.com has written a series of business topics to assist business owners. The first one is 150 ways to Promote Yourself.

What can do to improve on to be more memorable? As the saying goes β€œIt’s about you knows you?”

Just this past weekend I went through all my business cards – cleaned everything out. You would be amazed how many I threw out. Yes I know them, but how many of those contacts know me? Or took the time to keep in touch?

There were a few I kept as at one time or another we have helped each other along the path of entrepreneurship or our journey together in business.

So, who knows you? What do you do to keep in touch with people?

Last week, I also make the point in meeting with people where we have met at a networking function or an introduction and are just meeting for the 1st time for a coffee; a one on one. I like doing this just to find out more of what the other person does, who they are outside of work and it helps me to keep an eye out for a contact, a referral or support that I can offer them along my travels.

I hope with what I have shared with you, will help you think about being more memorable. My question is to you: What do you do to be more memorable to other people and to your colleagues.

One gal whose story really touched me was Wendy McClelland, she has now started a new company called Think Without Boundaries. Take a moment and go to her site: www.thinkwithoutboundaries.com

Until next time, take care of each other. Pay something kind forward.



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