Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Marketing Tip #25

Heart@Work a Relationship Co.
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Volume 3 Number 2

Marketing Tip

Have you ever thought of forming Affinity Partnerships?

Leverage is one of your greatest assets for your business. It's one of the ways to benefit from joint marketing initiatives.
In developing your own business, you work hard to get clients so why not take next step, give your clients extra servcies
to help them succeed even more.

Your clients will repay you with increased loyalty and generate more revenue for you. Here are the key benefits for you to form affinity partnerships. It's another revenue stream.

3rd party referrals
A new source of revenue
Increased client retention

Affinity Partners are performance based and you'll find them in your vertical market. For example since I offer My Concierge Services this vertical is under Other Services, so my Affinity partners will be Florists, Gift Basket Companies, Auto repair, Auto dealers, Maid Services, Drycleaning, etc.

In this case we would agree to provide services to a wider audience and their would be a revenue stream for each of us. A good partner is one that wants satisfied customers, not just out for a bounty or the money.

(You would find your vertical markets on the chart that was discussed at the networking session.)

If you know of anyone that you that is looking for Affinity Partners give me a call.

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