Thursday, January 19, 2006

Is your business slow in January?

Volume 3 Number 5 January 9, 2006

Marketing Tip #29

Is your business slow in January? Why not go through all the people who contacted
you last year, but didn't buy? Simply send out a short "just checking in" email
and ask if they need your services now. You'll be surprised at how this generates
business with very little effort.

This Marketing Tip is from Wendy McCelland. Wendy was one of my article writers' in my Build Your Own Business Owners Manual from 1999.

Wendy has always lived a "Think Without Boundaries" life, and has now named her business after her philosophy. As a single parent for the past ten years, today raising three young adults she is careful to balance her family, health and work to create a life that works. As a business and personal mentor, life coach and marketing consultant she hopes to assist others to find balance in their own lives.


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