Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Marketing Tip #27

Marketing Tip #27

Form a Mastermind Group.

A Mastermind is a community of committed people who accomplish their goals individually. They come together as a positive, proactive, supportive group who believe that anything is possible. The group is to support and encourage one another. With like-minds together synergy is created therefore manifestations occur.

I have found since i have facilitated a few in my time, that 2 - 6 people is ideal and that you sign-up for weekly meetings in 8 weeks sessions. The most successful groups of course who are committed no matter what, go on for months and years.

Why for a Mastermind group?
You would be surprised how much you actually get completed
You will have much more success
Your partners will be a sounding board
You will have to do what you said you would, as there is accountability to your partners
You will have new friends
Your partners will believe in you
Your partners will offer ideas and contacts for you
You will miss your partners if you miss a meeting

Be careful what you ask for, you may get just what you wanted!


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